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Cargo Handling

Air cargo transport is always urgent and time-sensitive. Any type of air cargo, whether it be perishable goods, spare machine parts or daily newspapers, to name just a few, has to be handled quickly, on schedule and appropriately. After all, the plane is not going to wait. High-quality goods-specific cargo handling is among Wisskirchen’s core competences and we are committed to fulfilling the high standards we have set for ourselves at all times.

Based on a wide range of agreement models, as well as IATA SGHA, we provide comprehensive specialist, staff and technical support for airlines and shipping companies. Our tailor-made integrated services are designed to meet your individual requirements and demands, and it goes without saying that all applicable legal regulations, provisions and IATA guidelines are observed throughout. Our highly qualified and experienced management and Wisskirchen handling services team can guarantee high-quality, quick and smooth handling of air cargo shipments around the clock. Our 24/7 operations allow for a high degree of flexibility, ensuring reliable and short response times, every day of the week, 365 days a year.

Commitment to sophisticated services and full customer satisfaction are our top priorities.