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Cargo Handling Documentation

We provide for smooth and trouble-free processing of incoming and outgoing air cargo documents in the area of air cargo handling documentation, in compliance with the applicable legal provisions and regulations. Our services include:

  • General acceptance and issuing of cargo
  • Checking and reviewing all cargo and customs documents in import and export
  • Checking and reviewing all cargo units in the warehouse and final check before take-off at the plane, prior to the loading process
  • DGR check and DGR pre-check, cargo item labelling
  • Security status reviewing via validation with the EU data base, KC/regulated agents status, approved carrier
  • AWB preparation, manifest preparation, customs clearance
  • SITA messaging, CVED / CED preparation
  • Recording and reporting of defects (claim survey reports)
  • Document transfer (runners)
  • Review of the entire air cargo handling process and compliance with all safety regulations for the area of air cargo
  • Customer support and quality assurance, correspondence with the respective airlines
  • Liaison for sub-contractors, customers and airlines
  • Cooperation interface for individual departments within the company, such as import and export documentation, billing/accounting, warehouse and company management
  • Data management using various air cargo and customs clearance systems (ECHOS, ZABIS, ATLAS, SITA)
  • Registration of air waybills in ECHO and the respective airline specific cargo systems (e.g. Pelican etc.)
  • Flight manifesting, creation of deadloads
  • Unit load device (ULD) management
  • Cargo issuance monitoring
  • Communication between the warehouse, import and export documentation