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Aviation Security Services

Special measures for ensuring that legal safety requirements and implementing regulations are observed, are generally applied for handling air cargo shipments.

Airlines can only load cargo shipments that have been classified as “safe”. Trained and certified freight and post inspection staff will perform adequate inspection measures on any unsafe shipments. A range of different methods is used here. A piece of cargo can only be shipped, after it has been successfully checked.

Benefit from our know-how and our comprehensive equipment for safe handling of your cargo as a regulated agent (RegB – DE/RA 0134701)

Our services include:

  • Screening of cargo items of up to 3,000 kg / maximum tunnel dimensions 175 x 175 cm
  • Visual inspection
  • Explosive trace detector ION Scan 600
  • Explosive detection dogs
  • Operated by specially trained security staff, in line with the provisions of the Federal German Aviation Authority
  • Innovative 360° high-resolution camera system